Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally Some Help!

Yay!!! My DH's former military training and need for organization has kicked back in! He has decided to tackle his half of the home office which I think was a bigger disaster area than my desk....Mine is just piled high with my son's preschool projects. I have a new love which is the Neat Receipts organizer. Its tiny, it scans full size papers, and it helps me get rid of those papers that are cluttering up my desk which I don't throw away for fear of needing it in the future....hmm wonder if I can scan glitter and glue? In a couple of hours I managed to greatly reduce the pile of paper on my desk. The stacks and stacks of magazines are next! I save the magazines because of some article that I like but then I can't find it again and guess what it collects dust! So I'm going to start just scanning in the magazine pages I want and chucking the magazine in the recycle bin! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day. Please keep all of our troops past and present in your thoughts and prayers.

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