Monday, May 19, 2008

The Adventure Begins!

Ok so I'm not the neatest person...but I'm not the messiest one out there. Clean Sweep and the other TV shows would never come to my house because its not THAT horribly messy....with that being said it does look like a storm went through it and I'm not talking about Hurricane M2 (my 2 kids) although I'm sure they contribute a large part towards it. So after not being able to find the TSA approved locks last night for a last minute trip my DH was taking today, (And I swore up and down I had put them away in the suitcases after our last trip) the camel's back broke. I'm sick of the clutter and the papers, and the general junk! So join me on my organizing journey and see how this adventure turns out.....On that note there is a pile of papers on my desk calling my name!

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