Monday, June 23, 2008

Can Someone Please Explain....

Can someone please explain why children are so drawn to toilets?!? When I first got pregnant 4 years ago I remember walking around in a daze at my local Babies R Us Store trying to determine what I was going to be needing on this journey of motherhood. Registering for gifts was a group effort with my husband, brother, brother's girlfriend at the time (now wife), and my sister-in-law (husband's sister) all pointing to different items and saying "Here scan this." When I went to review the registry I had registered for 45 receiving blankets but no bottles? But I was during the many trips to the baby superstore that I remember looking at all the safety gadgets and seeing the toilet lid lock. I remember reading about the toilet lid locks as a safety measure to prevent top heavy toddlers from toppling into the tank and drowing in those 5 inches of water but I also remember commenting to my husband "now why do you need a lock for your toilet lid shouldn't you be able to keep your kid from toppling into the toilet?" I didn't buy it then but 4 years later I'm thinking I may need to!

My 14 month old is obsessed with the bathroom and the toilet in particular. The toilet for her is her own personal splash fountain! No matter where we are in the house she makes a beeline for the bathroom and the toilet and if the toilet lid is down then she turns to the next fun activity which is unrolling the toilet paper! My 3 year old never had this fascination with toilets before until we started potty training so of course he can actually lift the toilet lid and he has become his sister's enabler in toilet tank play! They have already stopped up 3 toilets by shoving the entire roll of paper into said toilet. I can tell him till I'm blue in the face to not play with the toilet/toilet water/flushing button/ toilet paper and it all just doesn't even make it in his one ear to go out the other. So the only remedy I have found is to keep the doors to the bathroom closed and dispense toilet paper by the sheet! (Hmmm maybe I should install a toilet paper dispenser and make guests pay?) So if you come to my house bring your quarters in order to go to the bathroom b/c I'm rationing the TP!

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